How to beat the Instagram Algorithm 2018


            As you all know Instagram decided to wish us a Happy New Year by changing the Algorithm.  Let’s be real Instagram can be super frustrating. The Algorithm is like a puzzle with a million pieces, and we are scrambling to put it together in hopes of cracking the mystery. Instagram is like a house, and we the users are simply it’s guests. We have no control over how this platform chooses to operate. Even though we have no control what we can do is learn to adjust and go with the flow. Here are ways you can beat the Instagram Algorithm.

Before we dive in let’s review how the Instagram Algorithm actually works.

            Long story short, the algorithm organizes the posts in your feed based on how frequently you interact with them. When you interact with a certain post by liking or leaving a comment it drives the algorithm to put that at the top of your feed. It also organizes content by engagement. The higher the engagement the more likely you are going to pop up at the top of people’s newsfeed. Overall the best way to force the algorithm to work in your favor is by building true connections with your audience.  

Instagram Stories

            Using Instagram stories is one of best features Instagram has to offer right now. Stories is the perfect way to make direct, and authentic connections with your audience. It is an opportunity  for your audience to get to know you, and not just your business. I really enjoy stories because you can create just about anything and you don’t have to worry if the content you are posting is perfect for your feed, or if it is the right time to post . Stories remind us that we all are human by sharing those unfiltered, and real moments of our life. Not only are stories a great way to showcase your personality but it is a great tool to utilize for your business. You can use it to not only grow your following but also to drive traffic to various aspects of your business such as your blog, or products you are selling.

            Another great aspect of stories is the Instagram Story Highlights. You can now choose which stories you would like to save to your profile. This is a great feature to use if you are showcasing your services, blog post, or something important you want your audience to still see for longer than 24 hours. What I like is that story highlights can stay on your profile for as long as you want. Using stories is a great way to have the algorithm work in your favor by increasing your audience reach, and engagement.

Post Consistently

             This varies for each person.  For me personally I post every couple of days but there are people who post once a day or even several times a day. Just do whatever makes you feel comfortable. Posting consistently will help you develop your theme and overall aesthetic on Instagram. When you have an aesthetic that really showcases who you are it will be easier for people to recognize you and  your brand. Posting consistently also help in getting to know your audience by tracking your analytics. You can then see the progress of your posts, and get a full understanding of what is working for you and what areas you need to improve on.

Quality over Quantity

            This golden rule still applies in 2018. You want to post content that will really resonate and connect with our audience. This ranges from using good quality photos and creating captions that your audience can engage with.  You want to always post with a purpose. Before you post ask yourself these questions, what is the main goal or objective of this post?, and does it align with my brand and values? Remember your message isn’t for everybody so really tailoring your content to fit your targeted users will help create content that is effective. This will help increase engagement organically and help build your community.

Using Hashtags Effectively

            In 2018 Hashtags is still the name of the game when it comes to Instagram engagement.  The use of hashtags will help you attract your ideal client, connect you to other creatives, and helps you brand your business. This is why using hashtags intentionally is vital. Creating a hashtag strategy will not only maximize the reach of your post,  it will also help you connect with the right people. Using the right variety of hashtags will also prevent you from being shadow banned. Shadow banned is when your hashtags are undiscoverable, therefore your post will not show up in hashtag feeds of people who are not following you. This decreases engagement and makes it more difficult to reach a new audience. Again, using hashtags that your audience can connect with will really make a  difference especially now that you can follow hashtags.

            A recent Algorithm rumor is that hashtags that you post in the comments will no longer display in the search results. You must now include them in the caption. Though it has not been proven if you would still like to  add hashtags in the comments a suggestion would be to not add hashtags to your comments right  away. Instead try waiting for a couple of hours or even up to 24 hours and then add your hashtags. This can help your post look more authentic and prevent the algorithm from slowing you down.  Despite these rumors having a strong foundation with your hashtags is key to increasing your engagement and forcing the algorithm to work in your favor.

Overall, don’t let the recent algorithm changes discourage you. Use these tips to drive results and most importantly stay true to yourself and have fun!